Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas time!

I'm a little behind still, but I've been trying to finish up our 2011 scrapbook. I can't believe it's already been a month since Christmas and that I have been back at work for a month. It is a little crazy at time with two little kiddos. But they are worth it! We had a great Christmas and Carter discovered his love for opening presents!
About a week and a half before Christmas we took the kids to zoo lights. It was freezing!! Carter loved all the lights though!

After we got back Carter wanted to help feed his sister.
On Christmas Eve, we made some sugar cookies. Carter was so excited to help out. I'm not sure if he ate more or cooked more...
He loves watching things cook in the oven!

Christmas Eve before church
Some one was so excited for new pj's and to go look at lights

Audra loves to sit up and see everything that is going on. We finally broke out the bumbo and she LOVES it!! She tries to take everything in.

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I already have to go back to work in a week and a half. I think with all the holidays that time goes by even quicker. Carter is definetly getting into Christmas more this year. He is getting so big and so grown up. He loves his baby sister so much and is always trying to help out. He wants to do everything that we do. I can't believe it is almost a new year......

Our little family at boo at the zoo.
My crazy monkey and my little banana

One month old!

Carter is already 23 months old!!!

She loves tummy time

Carter wanted to help cook Thanksgiving dinner

Carter loves loves loves his baby sister

Someone had too much turkey.....

Everyone at Thanksgiving dinner

So tuckered out

The Sunday after Thanksgiving my grandma stopped by to meet Audra and to play with Carter. Audra listened so intently to grandma talking.

As the year comes to an end I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am overwhelmed with all that I have and am blessed with.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Audra Elizabeth Locke

Audra decided to listen to her momma and not make her appearance until after the 7th of October. The doctor decided to induce me on the 10th of October because he was worried she was going to be too big. So we headed to St. Mark's on Monday morning at 9am. At 1130am the doctor broke my water and than about an hour later I got my epidural. They had to keep switching me around in the bed because I wasn't progressing because she kept falling ASLEEP. Apparently this llittle girl likes to sleep. Finally about 330 pm the nurse decided to have me try and sit almost straight up with my legs crossed. Man did that work. About an hour later, it was time to push. I pushed thru one contraction and they called the doctor in. One contraction push later and her head was here and than one more push and her shoulders were out. I was in AWE!! Audra was born at 457pm on 10/10. After Carter's delivery I couldn't believe how fast it was. Our little girl was here and we were in love! She was a big girl at 9 lbs 2 oz. (the dr had guessed 9 lbs over a month ago).
Last preggo pic!!

Jason gives her her first bath

I think she is a spitting image of Carter in this picture

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October already????

I can't believe it is October already! This summer just flew by!!!! It still feels like summertime here in Salt Lake though. We are still hitting mid eighties everyday. I am so ready for some fall weather :) Life has been pretty busy between chasing after this little guy and getting ready for his little sister to arrive. They thought that little girl was going to make an early appearance, but she decided to listen to her momma and has stayed put. If she doesn't come this weekend, they will induce me on Monday morning. I am so excited for her to join our little family and for Carter to be a big brother. Hopefully she makes her arrival quickly :) Sorry no updated pics today. The camera is all packed and ready to go to the hospital.....
These two pictures were taken almost two months ago while the Avery family took some family pictures. Mr. Man did not want to smile for any of the photos.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

catchin' up

It has been another busy two months. Carter is getting so big (and so am I!) Luckily it has been a pretty mild summer, but we have managed to stay pretty busy which helps make the weeks go by pretty quickly. We are still working on a name for baby girl, but her room is almost ready for her.
Carter has started to get pretty independent and has figured out how to climb and get into everything as you can see here.

We weren't sure how Carter would do with the fireworks this year. He LOVED them! He even tried to help daddy out with them. It was nice this year in Salt Lake because they changed the laws and now you can buy the bigger fireworks so we didn't have to go anywhere as we had quite the shows from our street of several large firework displays.

A couple of weekends after the 4th we met Jamie, Amanda, the girls, and Alex at the zoo. It started off as a pretty warm day, but about halfway thru our trip it started to POUR RAIN!! Carter found a few puddles in jump in and his cousins help him enjoy the rain. He was exhausted by the end of our trip.

Carter turned 19 months old! He is getting so big so fast! He loves to eat, play with the dogs, and help out mommy and daddy. He also gives his baby sister kisses and hugs (well on my belly)

Jason and I gave in and got a membership to Discovery Gateway (kids museum). It was less than the cost of going two times. Carter had SOOOOO much fun! Here he is playing in the life flight helicopter. We also discovered that if you go on Sundays no one is there. He played so hard for over 2 hours and fell asleep on the way home!

Alex introduced us to free outdoor concert at canyons ski resort. Carter had a blast being outside and getting to eat without being restrained. The band wasn't very good the time we went, but we all had a great time being outside and doing something different on a Saturday night.

Did I mention that Carter loves helping out! He likes to help with whatever we are doing from unloading the dishwasher, cleaning dishes, cleaning the blinds, sweeping the floor, putting laundry away. It is SOOOO cute!

Well it will only be a few more weeks until baby girl arrives. I can't belive how fast time has gone by. It is definetly more challenging to be pregnant with a toddler and definetly more tiring.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And baby makes four!

I haven't been so good about updating this...way too many pictures lately and not enough time. Pictures in this post are in reverse order. Jason and I went to San Fran for a week in May while his parents watched Carter for us. Carter is almost 18 months!!! Not sure that he gets he is going to be a big brother, but is becoming more and more independent. He won't let us feed him at all, he tries to put his shoes and socks on, and can go get things for us. Also we found out two weeks ago that he will be having a baby SISTER! Everything is going great so far besides making mommy sick still! I am so excited and have already started shopping and learning how to make hair bows/flowers and tutu's. We are past the 1/2 way point and can't believe how fast it is going by!

Carter at 17 months

Jason and I at the baseball game in San Fran. It was an amazing game with an amazing view of the bay. Go Giants!

Jason and I under the bridge

We went down to my grandma's for Easter. The weather was so nice and Mr. Man had so much fun. He really enjoyed searching for eggs, which surprised me. My parents and brothers also came to St. George for the holiday.

The weekend before Easter we took Mr. Man to Sugarhouse to feed the ducks (and seagulls). He had a blast and I am glad we went early cause the pond is now flooded and out onto the street at the park.